This website was created initially for completely selfish purposes.  I wanted a place where I could review novels so that when I eventually forgot the details or what I thought about a work other than "It was a great book", I could go back and reference my thoughts.  My shoddy memory still needs this, and I have been back a few times to see what I had wrote. 

What I found was that some books age very well and others do not.  My impression of "Watership Down" for instance was not stellar during the reading but I remember back on hrudu's and silflaying with positive memories. That said, some books like "On Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez simply do not stick with me at all other than the basic premise.

In addition, I somehow stumbled upon a wonderful book blogging community.  In today's crazy connected world, I am happy to have found a wonderful side effect... many great people who share interests and a passion for the written word in all it's forms.

About me... I'm a moderately young professional who longs for the tranquility of a Nick Adams moment (see the short-stories of Ernest Hemingway).  I began a classic book club over three years ago which keeps me focused on at least one classic novel a month and introduces me to great people who constantly enhance my life with their intriguing ideas and perspectives.