Monday, September 04, 2006

Notes on condition of books

New: A new book, never used.

As New (AN): Although a used book, it should appear unread with noflaws, just as when it was sold new.

Fine (F): Should have no flaws, a perfect copy of a used book.

Mint: Another term for Fine.

Near Fine (NF): May show a small flaw, such as shelf wear, but nearlyperfect and unread.

Very Good (VG): The broadest category for used books, this describesany average used book. May have small flaws, and has probably beenread, but should appear overall clean and attractive.

Good (G): Will probably have significant wear or damage, although isstill intact. Suitable for reading, but not necessarily a good giftcopy. The old saying in bookselling is "good ain't good."

Fair: Another term for Good.
Poor or Reading Copy: Heavily worn or damaged, a poor book will bereadable but not attractive.

Binding Copy: This will be the complete pages of the book, but thebinding has been broken or damaged to the point it will needprofessional rebinding (not a cheap process).

Booksellers may describe the book and jacket condition separately, oftenappearing as:(book)/(dust jacket) as in Fine/Very Good or F/VG, sometimes showing a"-" to show that the dust jacket is missing as in Fine/-.

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