Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Book Related Incident

Here's a less than important story, that is really irksome for a book lover.

When reading a hardcover book (most of my books are hardcover), I always take the dust jacket off first so that I don't ruin it when I read.  I generally put the jacket on my book shelf on top of other books, so it doesn't get crushed.  After I do my summary, I put the dust jacket back on the book and return it in it's entirety to my shelf.  When I was reading "A Man Without A Country," I took off the dust jacket as normal, completed my review, and was going to put the cover on... but for whatever reason, I can't find it.

Since I'm so meticulous, the first thing I think is that my girlfriend moved it... though I probably placed it somewhere in haste.  The spirit of Vonnegut is now hiding somewhere in my condo.  So it goes.


Anonymous said...

That's ironic - dust jackets are supposed to protect your book! I always laugh at people who remove them in order to protect them, instead of the book :D

See you Wednesday,

-Shannon (can't log in)

Eclectic Indulgence said...

A couple of months later, I had to go get another bookcase from the basement [my shelves are overflowing] so I got a chance to re-arrange things.

Fortunately, I found the dust jacket. Unfortunately, it was sandwiched between a stack of books. I could not imagine ever doing such a thing myself, so I have come to the conclusion that it was most likely Icelandic elves.