Friday, July 16, 2010

New Layout

I finally upgraded to a more dynamic layout, and I must say that I think it looks a lot better [comments welcome!].  I would have tried this before, but I honestly had no idea that this existed or how to do it.  I still don't get what Feedburner is, but I'm trying to mess around with that too.  I could use some help, so if you know anything about this stuff... please let me know.

(Parenthetically, I used to use Microsoft FrontPage and I wasn't that bad at it.  That said, things have changed since I was a kid).


Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

I like the new look Chris, but I can't read the text very well because of the picture! Is there a way of making the posts not so transparent? I can read them in Google Reader of course, but I like to come here.

Eclectic Indulgence said...

I don't really like the opaque background, but maybe I'll try a different picture and see if it works better.

Thanks for the input!!