Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Kite Runner | Khalid Hosseini

Fitting that this book would have captivated me enough to forget how important it was to eat, to sustain motor functioning. I just finished it now, so soon my fast will be over.

Where do I begin? The book was touching, honest and informative... traits that all good books should have, in my opinion. Funny part was, I could see it also being named "You Remind me of me", the last bookclub book I had read (which was touching but not honest or informative).

There is a part in The Kite Runner where he talks about movies... how in Afghanistan, everyone would ask about the ending to describe what the movie is about. However, in America, no one wants to know about the ending. As such, I will provide no spoilers here.

The book explores powerful themes of regret and longing. There is an interesting part where the main character's father talks about how all crimes of theivery. If you murder someone, you steal someone's life. All those close to the victim, you steal future moments from. There are plenty of powerful themes that will stick with me... and in such a time in my life, it re-inforces that there are others that try to live by principles, even if they get all messed up sometimes. It's good to know that even though people get 'messed up', some will still try to find a way back to their principles however hard it is to do so.

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