Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Prayer for Owen Meany | John Irving

You are not a fan of literature, if you don't feel something strong for little Owen Meany. In fact, as I write this... I feel I know what he would say to that: WHY DOES EVERYONE INSIST ON CALLING ME LITTLE, AS IF IT IS A DISEASE?

Owen was someone who you just couldn't help but like. His voice threw you for a loop, his height made you take him lightly... but Owen inspired everyone, and he commanded respect. His brash actions had a purpose to them, potentially because he believed everything happend FOR A REASON. His proclamation that he was "GOD'S INSTRUMENT" not only baffled religious church goer'ers (pun intended), but also the very ministers who preached about a higher power.

Now, I have never been a "religious man." Ask me what I was baptized as, and I couldn't tell you. Ask me my philosophies on organized religion, and you will not hear the words that you would ever want to repeat in a congragation filled with the converted. No, I am a man who questions religion but does not entirely cast it aside. My beliefs about religion are the same as my beliefs about a lot of things. Present to me an argument or an opinion, and I will make a decision on it. If I cannot, I will think hard about it.

This book, however, isn't about religion. It's about faith, but it's also about the state of our society, the principles we uphold and the fears we face (or run from). It's about challenging people and principles, and making an impact in the world by being who you are. Owen Meany was ahead of his time. His words from the 60's mirror some of the problems that society is still faced with today. His best friend, and the rest of us, live with the lessons he taught us... in this world filled with questions of faith and morality, and feelings of hopelessness.

Strongly recommend that you give this one a go.

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