Wednesday, August 18, 2010

National Geographic

I have been a subscriber to National Geographic since 2007, and I must say that the experience has really enriched my life.  My knowledge of geography has expanded, as has my knowledge of animals and nature's uncanny ability to evolve... but it goes further than that.  I understand some of the problems faced in other parts of the world which I may not hear about otherwise, I see patterns in the follies of man and I get valuable insight into the absurdities of holding grudges. 

In addition, I appreciate art on a completely different level.  Images strike tremendous chords.  As I read and visualize, my emotions are stirred.  I understand the duality of hating and loving humanity at the same time and the duality of awe and fear.  The power of perspective in society is a continual lesson.

I know I will become a lifelong reader of this magazine because it does so much good for the world and society and because of the tremendous amount of things I get out of it.  This month, I have not read very much literature because I have been so focused on getting through the last three months of my subscription (I usually don't put it off that long), but the experience I get from nearly every article is a breath of fresh air in my life.

Blogger Question: What magazines or websites or newscasts do you read/listen to that you couldn't imagine your life without?

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