Saturday, September 11, 2010

Japanese Literature Challenge

Since I finished the Classic Literature Challenge, I figured it was about time I found another one.  This one is the Japanese Literature Challenge which I am stoked about because I have never read anything by a Japanese writer.  I am very shocked to be uttering this... I guess I never really gave it much thought before.
Here are my latest encounters with Japan:
  • I just came back from a trip to Switzerland and I met a Japanese ballet dancer from Sapporo.  All I know about the city is that they make good beer. ;)
  • I recently found an art book by Hokusai which I absolutely love.  He made the infamous tidal wave drawing that I'm sure you've probably seen around.
  • Some of my favourite films are Japanese including Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Ran (all three are Kurosawa films), The Departures (2009), etc.  Some that I have not been completely enamored with include Ugetsu and Late Spring.
The book that I plan on reading for the challenge was recommended to me and is entitled "The Temple of the Golden Pavilion" by Yukio Mishima.  This challenge is a good excuse to put it at the top of the list and have it read by the end January 2011 (when the challenge ends).

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